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BlueWillow AI is a strong image-generation set that can generate logos, pictures, and photo-realistic settings by simply typing in a prompt. BlueWillow delivers the best outcomes for any project with its wide selection of AI picture-generating models. This user-friendly tool can be used by anyone, whether they are an expert or a beginner.

Bluewillow AI, What is Bluewillow
Bluewillow – Generated AI Art


What is Bluewillow

BlueWillow is a private research company created in January 2023 that uses artificial intelligence to improve the human experience and create strong artworks.

How Does Bluewillow AI Works

Discover the beauty of our user-friendly image creating AI, which makes creativity accessible to anyone. Our product is made to be accessible and simple to use, regardless of whether you are a seasoned pro or just getting started. BlueWillow takes control with just a little prompt entry and creates amazing graphics that will amaze you. Utilize our user-friendly platform to unleash your creative potential and produce spectacular pictures with ease. Utilize our AI tool right away to embrace the infinite possibilities of image generation.

1 Join The Discord of BlueWillow AI

BlueWillow AI image generation app is currently only available on discord. Please join discord to access the BlueWillow AI and create the discord account if not exist.

2 Go To The “ROOKIE” Channel

Once you get verified on Discord server, go-to the Rookie channel and type a prompt starting with “/imagine: prompt” followed by text describing the AI Art pic which you want to generate.


You’ll get four photos in a minute, which you can save and use however you like.

4 Upscale or Create Variations 

U: The “U buttons” is to enhance the visual quality of an image by creating a larger or upgrading it to more deeper pixels levels of selected images.
V : The “V buttons” is to produce other versions of a chosen grid image. The resulted is a new grid image which retains the original’s composition, with little modifications one bye one.

5 Save Your Art

After the upscaling done, to save your art image, Open it to its full size, then right-click and select “Save image.”

On mobile, hold your finger on the image and tap the download and then “Save” the image.

Note : You can use the Web Gallery to view all the images you have generated using BlueWillow AI and save them from there.


Bluewillow vs Midjourney

As there are N number of Ai Art generative tool , people are interested in finding best one.

  • Midjourney is one of the first Ai art generative tool which got popular at its early stages. initial they provided free access but now to use it we need to pay monthly subscription. where as BlueWillow Still free to use.
  • Both Bluewillow and Midjourney works very similar way. But while upscaling AI generated image  Midjourney still holds best quality compared to BlueWillow.
  • Midjourney’s advantage is quickly returning the greatest results based on the offered prompts. Users of Blue Willow have to wait a little longer than Mid-Journey.


Blue Willow Generated Art : 

Bluewillow AI, What is Bluewillow
Bluewillow – Generated AI Art


Bluewillow AI, What is Bluewillow
Bluewillow – Generated AI Art


Bluewillow AI, What is Bluewillow
Bluewillow – Generated AI Art


Bluewillow AI, What is Bluewillow
Bluewillow – Generated AI Art


People Also Asked:

  • Is BlueWillow free?
  • Blue Willow is completely free and unlimited image generating tool to create cool images with prompts.
  • What is the daily limit for Blue Willow AI?
  • BlueWillow AI generates up to 10 prompts daily free.
  • Who is the CEO of BlueWillow AI?
  • Dr. Chad Costley
  • Can I use BlueWillow AI for commercial use?
  • Creators own the rights to their creations!  You’re free to use them in your art or for commercial gain.
  • Is BlueWillow AI better than Midjourney?
  • There is no yes or no answer for this as both are image generative tool. BlueWillow is one of the best Midjourney alternative along with leonardo ai.

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