Leonardo AI: The Best MidJourney Alternative AI Tool of 2023


You may have already heard the buzz around the MidJourney Ai but since it is paid version and if you are looking for mid journey alternatives then you are in the right place. There are many midjourney alternative AI tool release which does the job similar to midjourney but what if I tell you Leonardo does the same job that too for free?  Isn’t it sound amazing? Producing highly valuable assets and creative concepts of an art can be a time-consuming and difficult process in game development but Leonardo.Ai stands out as a game-changer by utilising artificial intelligence to transform the asset production process.

In this blog article, we’ll look at how Leonardo.Ai gives creators the power to create outstanding game assets and concept art by offering a user-friendly interface.  Leonardo Ai is new alternative to midjourney.

Section 1: LeonardoAi is the Easy Asset Creation AI

To create a variety of game assets, such as

  • items
  • environments
  • helmets
  • buildings
  • concept art and many more still.

Leonardo AI uses AI technology, Users may readily create ready made assets that are tailored to their needs because to the platform’s user-friendly interface for artists, which promotes quick ideation. Here your imagination is only limit.

Section 2: Creating Pictures Using Models

Leonardo.Ai provides customers with a variety of platform models from which one can create photos. By using these ready-made models, game designers may easily and quickly transform their concepts into breath-taking visual representations and get the required sketches they needed.

Section 3: Editing Pictures to Complement Your Vision

Leonardo.Ai gives capabilities for users to edit and customise assets in accordance with their own demands, going beyond simply producing photos. By customising the assets’ colours, forms, and features, developers can make sure that every component precisely reflects their aesthetic vision and look more realistic according to prompt.

Section 4: Train Your Own AI Models

Leonardo.Ai gives users the ability to develop own AI models, opening them virtually endless creative possibilities.
By eschewing the constraints of pre-made models, developers can produce unique assets that represent their own tastes, styles and ideas they imagined.

Section 5: LeonardoAi  Early Access Exclusively for You

You have the chance to examine the platform’s game-changing potential thanks to Leonardo AI early access program.

Midjourney alternative tool early access Leonardo AI
Midjourney alternative tool early access Leonardo AI

Review Of LeonardoAi:

Discover the best alternative to many generative Ai with this comprehensive review of Leonardo AI. By registering, game makers can be among the first to use the quick, beautiful, and unique game materials provided by Leonardo.Ai. Which combines AI technology with creative freedom to expedite asset development and concept art generation, is the best ally for game developers. A road towards quick, beautiful, and individualised game asset development can be started by developers by bidding farewell to time-consuming and expensive traditional approaches. Register for early access to Leonardo.AI and transform your game development workflow right away.

Midjourney and mage space are leonardo ai alternatives. These Tools similar to leonardoai but Leonardo is free and stand chance to win Generative AI world in its own way.

Create NSFW Arts without any restrictions

Leonardo AI Generated Arts :

Leonardo AI Art , Picture from Leonardo.ai website app
Leonardo AI Art , Picture from Leonardo.ai website app


Midjourney alternative tool Leonardo AI Art
Leonardo AI Art , Picture from Leonardo.ai website app


Midjourney alternative tool Leonardo AI Art
Leonardo AI Art , Picture from Leonardo.ai website app


Midjourney alternative tool Leonardo AI Art
Leonardo AI Art , Picture from Leonardo.ai website app

Midjourney alternative tool Leonardo AI Art
Leonardo AI Art , Picture from Leonardo.ai website app

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Leonardo Ai vs MidJourney

leonardo Ai vs midjourney
Leonardo Ai vs MidJourney


There are in fact a tonne of free and paid solutions accessible when it comes to AI generative platforms. To make a wise decision, it’s crucial to take into account the benefits and attributes of each platform. While Leonardo AI provides an appealing alternative with its distinct feature set and capabilities, Midjourney is renowned for its visually gorgeous photos and artwork.

  • Leonardo AI is one of the closest competitors I’ve seen, even though I can’t state with certainty that it rivals Midjourney in terms of quality. It comes with a variety of characteristics that make it an important component of any AI image toolkit.
  • Leonardo AI‘s well chosen model picks, which enable users to produce high-quality and customised photographs, are a notable feature. The platform also gives users the chance to build their own AI models, allowing them to express their creativity and provide original results.
  • The ability to edit photographs is another benefit of Leonardo AI, offering users the freedom to alter and improve generated images in accordance with their unique needs. Users are given the ability to use this tool to match the photographs with their artistic vision and get the desired outcomes.
  • Leonardo AI also stands out for both the speed and calibre of its output. The platform makes use of cutting-edge AI technology to quickly produce high-quality assets, saving game developers and artists considerable time and effort.

Although Midjourney might be the market leader right now, LeonardoAI offers a strong alternative because to its rich feature set and outstanding output capabilities. It’s important to keep in mind that LeonardoAI has a number of benefits and the potential to be an important tool in your AI image toolbox.

Last but not least, it’s important to note that Leonardo AI now provides a free alternative, giving customers the chance to explore and experience the platform without having to make a purchase.

In conclusion, Leonardo AI presents a formidable competitor despite the fact that MidJourney is well-known in the field thanks to its distinctive features, adaptability, output quality, and the benefit of being free. Consider Leonardo AI as a useful addition to your arsenal of AI generative platforms.

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How do I get Access to Leonardo Ai ? 

Step1 : Visit the Leonardo AI website.
Go to the official Leonardo.AI website by typing “https://leonardo.ai/” in your web browser’s address bar and pressing Enter.

Step2 : Enter your email address
Locate the text that says “Signup for exclusive early-bird access” on the website. Below that, you will find a field to enter your email address. Type in your email address.

Step3 : Click “Count Me In”
After entering your email address, click the “Count Me In” button to submit your request for access to Leonardo AI.

Step4 : Wait for Leonardo.AI to accept your request
Once you have submitted your request, Leonardo AI will review it. The process will typically takes up to 20- 24 hours. During this time, you will need to wait for approval.

Step5 : Join the Discord server
While waiting for approval, click the “Join Discord” button on the website. This will redirect you to the Discord platform, where you can create a new Discord account if you don’t already have one. Enter your desired username and birthdate as prompted.

Step6 : Open the email from Leonardo AI
Check your email account that you provided during the signup process for a message from Leonardo AI. Open the email to proceed with the account setup.

Step7 : Join the Discord server
Within the email, click the “Join Discord server” link provided. This will redirect you to the Discord platform again.

Step8 : Accept the invite
On the Discord page, click “Accept Invite” to confirm your invitation to the Leonardo.AI Discord server.

Step9 : Provide your email and password
Enter your email address and password on the Discord page, then click the “Claim Account” button to claim your Leonardo AI account.

Step10 : Verify your email account
Follow the instructions provided to verify your email account associated with Leonardo AI.

Step11 : Complete the introduction on Discord
Return to the Discord platform and answer any questions displayed on the screen. This will help you complete the introduction process.

Step12 : Click “Introduction” and introduce yourself
On the left-side menu of the Discord platform, click the “Introduction” option. Type a brief introduction about yourself, including your name and relevant information, in the message bar at the bottom. An Auto moderator will respond to your message.

Step13 : Complete the priority early access form
After the introduction, click the “Priority Early Access” link to access a form. Fill out the form as instructed to complete your priority early access request.

Step14 : Wait for Leonardo AI’s response
Now, all you need to do is wait for Leonardo AI to respond to your request and grant you access to the platform. Once approved, you will receive further instructions on how to proceed.

By following these steps, you can successfully sign up for Leonardo AI and gain access to its incredible features.

Here are the few twitter users who posted their art using Leonardo.Ai

Checkout these tweet for more details :



Qn1 : Is Leonardo Ai completely free?
Ans : Leonardo Ai is free. A great and cost-free substitute for Midjourney is Leonardo AI.

Qn2 : Can you sell Leonardo ai?
Ans : If you are an artist who uses AI to create your artwork, you have the right to sell it. However, it is illegal to resell or copy the AI-generated artwork of another artist without their permission. It is important to respect the intellectual property rights of fellow artists and uphold ethical practices within the creative community.

Qn3 : Who owns Leonardo Ai?
Ans : JJ Fiasson

Qn4 : Is Leonardo Ai for commercial use?
Ans : Yes until you generate your own prompt and do it instead of copying others prompt.

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